Venom Look to Upset Packers in Lambeau - Madden 09 Cupcake Franchise Rebuild - Ep.13

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It's time to begin a Madden 09 Cupcake Franchise Rebuild which will be one of my toughest rebuild challenges I have done. I have built a brand new custom team, and it's going to be tough to win any games with this squad.

Madden 2009 Cupcake Franchise Rules

Teams must be custom made with a cupcake roster template.
In Franchise mode, release your starting QB, who is essentially a good 1st round rookie QB

No trading allowed (For team progression balance)

FA Rules
In Year 1, no signings are allowed except for injury replacements. These replacements must be the lowest rated players at their position.

Following the first year, new players may be signed from Free Agency, with restrictions. Once a tier has been reached, it is unlocked forever.

0 wins - No signings
1-4 wins - 0-69 overall (roster fillers)
5-7 wins - 70-75 overall (backup caliber players)
8-9 wins - 76-80 overall (potential starters)
10+ wins - No Restrictions
Playoff berth of any kind - No Restrictions

Contract Rules
For a greater challenge, long term contracts can’t be offered to low rated players you plan to develop. Long term contracts are reserved for higher rated players. A cheap 7 year contract for a young player is too much of a shortcut.

FA Under 80 overall: 3 years or less
FA 80 overall or higher: No limit
Drafted rookies: 4 years or less

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